A lot of people are selected to work at the back to make the show productive in regards to the capacity of the live concert tour. Ideally, the creative team of the live concert gets to the site within 7am and 12 noon and is set for the show at 7pm. As the show is being completed, the whole team packs into trucks and leaves for another city by 2am for a show starting the following morning. The awesome work is made available by the coming together of smaller and larger troupe which are split into groups. A backline technician is one that makes a journey with a troupe and sets up what is being used by the troupe. They are in charge of making them pleasing and function effectively. At the close of the show, they pack up the used instruments into the truck. A pair of ignorant backline technicians was part of the initial team. We will talk about how to be one taking it from the basics to the peak.

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Being a backline technician doesn't necessarily make you a good instrumentalist, if you don't know the basics of playing them you need to take time to learn them. Learning about the management of the instruments and gear is also important, which can be achieved by volunteering or working in repair shops. It is more important to get the understanding of how they are set and repaired. Look out for organizations that lease out their gear which is a good place for volunteering.

After getting some elementary skill, there is need for practice knowledge which can be done in any location you are in. Making use of the media to seek for volunteering jobs to gain the experience, take advantage of early beginners just starting. Ensure that you are a good person to deal with, carrying out your duties accurately. While working for free, ensure you get to meet everyone, hand out your business card and make them know you are all-in-one. On getting your first job, understand the process and arrange them according, taking note of important things needed. The day-sheet pasted around is of importance for your movement. Before the performance of the artists, the line-check is done, making sure that each artists are satisfied with their performance. It is very important to have something to eat, get your line of songs ready depending on the performance of the show. Make sure all is working well and expect issues. After getting everything set, be attentive if anything goes wrong, fix it calmly. Ensure you apologize to the artist and importantly learn from your mistakes. Ensure you pack up carefully into the truck afterwards, noting the items used and also having the same quantity used.

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